You can order your copy of WinAIMS online by clicking here, or from:
AIMS Support
2 Sharp Rd.
Sandia Park, NM 87047
(505) 286 - 0190
WinAIMS is FREE for the first 1/2 year. Thereafter, WinAIMS is priced at only $300 per year (US)!
(includes updates and technical support)

The WinAIMS kit can be downloaded for free from this site or you can request a CD for $5.00 US. To run the software for the first time, you will need an access code. You can request an access code either via phone or email -- we will need your company name (up to 31 characters). The download kit and the CD both include:
  • WinAIMS - Automotive Invoicing Management System for Windows
  • WASched - WinAIMS Appointment Scheduler - Desktop calendar scheduling with full Estimate generation
  • WATools - WinAIMS Tools
  • AIMSCLEN - a data recovery utility
  • On-screen documentation and context specific documentation

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or your company check (though we reserve the right to verify funds before shipping).

New Mexico residents, add sales tax.

E-mail us at if you need more information!

Get started with WinAIMS - Automotive Invoicing Management Software for Windows!

Download the AIMS Software Suite!
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