Attention DOS Users:
  If you are a current DOS AIMS user, please contact AIMS Support before installing any of these kits.

Full install of AIMS Suite:
  Version 2006.2.1 released 23-Feb-2006.
This kit will install the complete AIMS Software Suite including ALL data files.
 New users must install this kit.
 Do not install this update if you are a current AIMS user as you could potentially wipe out your existing data.

 Please Note:
An access code will be required to use this software.
To obtain an access code, click on the "Request Access Code" link below.

Request Access Code

Current AIMS Update:
  Version 2008.6.3 released 29-Jun-2008.  Release Notes
This is the update to the most current versions of WinAIMS, WASched, and WATools.
 Existing users should use this update for the latest versions.
 New users should also download and install this kit after installing the full kit.
 IMPORTANT: You must shutdown all copies of WinAIMS/WASched/WATools before attempting to install this update.

Previous AIMS Updates:
  These are the previous updates for the AIMS Software Suite.
(Please Note: The current AIMS Update includes all of the updates below.)

Version 2008.6.2 released 23-Jun-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2008.4.1 released 11-Apr-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2008.3.2 released 28-Mar-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2008.2.1 released 02-Feb-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2008.1.3 released 19-Jan-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2008.1.3 released 19-Jan-2008.  Release Notes
Version 2007.9.1 released 15-Sep-2007.  Release Notes

Current AIMS Support Tools
  This kit contains the latest versions of the software tools used to repair the AIMS database files. You should only use the tools in this kit if requested by AIMS Support. They will provide instructions on the use of the various tools.

Backup Utility
  This is the PKZip backup utility.

Important fix for AIMS network installations...
  With some network installs, the data access speed is much slower than desired. This is due to a Microsoft registry setting and can be corrected by following the instructions on the above linked page.
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