Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
MacMillan Spellings
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Mac'Illemhaoel Mac-na-Maoile MacElmail MacElmeel MacElmoyle MacGhillemhaoil Macgilbile
MacGilmole Macgilveil MacIlemoyle MacIllemhool MacIlleveole MacIlmoil *MacKevoil
Macklvaill MacKmallen Mackmellon Mackmillion MacKmolene Mackmulane **Mackmull
Mackmyllan ***Macknilliam MacMallen MacMhaolain Macmilan Macmilian MacMillan
Macmillan Macmillen Macmillian MacMillion **MacMoil MacMolan Macmolane
MacMolini **Macmul MacMulane MacMuleni MacMullen Macmullen MacMullin
Macmullin MacMulling MacMylan MacMyllan MacNamell MacNamil Macquemullan
**Macvail Makgillemuil Makmillan Makmollane Makmulane Makmullane Makmyllan
Makmyllane Makmyllen McElmeel *McGhavile McGillemoil Mcgillemoill McGillemoill
McGillemoyll McGillemule McGillevoyll McGillimoyle McGilmole McGilmoyle McGilvaoil
McGilveall McGilveill McGilvoy *McHevoul *McHoul *McHoull *McHowall
*McHowell McIlevail McIleveule McIlevoil McIlimhewil McIllemoyll McIllemull
McIllevail McIllevoill McIllvaoil McIllvoll McIllywoul McIlmail McIlmale
McIlmiline McIlmilline McIlmoil McIlmoill McIlmoyle McIlovyll McIluvail
McIlvail McIlvaile McIlveall McIlveile McIlveoll McIlvoail McIlvoil
McIlvoile McIlvoill McIlvoille McIlvole McIlvoll McIlvoyel McIlvoyle
McIlvoyll McIlvyle McIlwoyll McKilvoile Mckmillan McKmillan McMallan
McMallen McMallin McMelane McMelen McMellen McMellian McMellion
McMellon McMeylane Mcmeylane ***McMilam McMilan McMilane McMilen
McMileon McMilion McMillain McMillaine ***McMillam McMillan Mcmillan
McMilland McMillane McMilleen McMillen ***McMilliam McMillian McMillin
McMillion Mcmillion McMillon McMillone McMolane McMolen McMollan
McMolland McMollane McMollem McMollen McMollim McMollin McMollone
McMullwne McMolyne McMouln McMoylane **McMoyle McMoylen McMuillane
McMuilline McMulan McMuleon McMuline McMulion McMulione McMullain
McMullan McMulland McMullane McMullen McMullens McMullian McMullin
McMulling McMullins McMullion McMullione McMullon McMulyione McMwlane
Mcmylen McMyllane McNomoille *McOvill McUlvoyl McUlvoyll  

*MacKevoil in the notes of Andrew Langís ďThe Highlands in 1750Ē is clearly a misprint, as the word to which it refers in the main text is McIlevoil. It is included here, however, as a significant illustration of the process by which so many variations appear; even as late as 1898, when this was published.

McGhavile appears here on the same basis, though the Gh would probably not have been sounded; making it more akin to the name McOvill: which is in fact recorded in a government document for the Lochaber Mímillans. If this version applies, so then may the variants of McHevoul / McHoul / McHowel: though it should not be assumed that these are always Mímillans, as the last two also occur as versions of Mícoul / Mídoul; i.e. Mídowel / Mídougal

** Mackmull / McMoyle etc. could as easily stand for the sons of bald men as for Mímillans; while Mívail is claimed by the Mígregors & Míkays as well as the Camerons (amongst whom it may be a version of Míphail).

***Macknilliam / McMilam etc. obviously could be versions of Míwilliam, especially those spelt with the final i. But as variants of Mímillian / Mímilliam abound; and as versions without the final i (such as McMillam) are clearly in some cases simple misprints of McMillan, itís quite possible some versions of McMilliam do also stand for Mímillan.

**** McVolan could be ďMíMhaolainĒ since mh is pronounced like the English v; but the record of it quoted by Somerled MacMillan actually occurs in a patronymic as vic Wolan (vic / mhic is genitive of mac; while w = v in medieval Scots), and seems in fact to be a misprint of vic Jhohan - i.e. mac John - so genuine sightings are still awaited.
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