Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
Millikin, Milliken, Mulligan
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This name evolved in Dumfries and Galloway from Ap Maolagain (a British/Welsh form of MacMhaolain) through versions such as Amuligain (1482), Amilligane (1575), Mullakane (1645) etc. - see below - to the 18th century Mulligane/Milligan and Milliken/Millikin. The MacMillan link is clearly demonstrated in Perthshire where the form McMhaoiligan appears, and where Mulikyns are to be found on Loch Tayside in the late 15th century occupying lands associated with the MacMillans [William A. Gillies, "In Famed Breadalbane", pages 84 & 366-7].
Other recorded versions of this name include: Ameligane, Amuligan, Amulykin, Mulikyne, Muligane, Mwlikyn, Milikin, Milikan, Mulleken, Mullikine, Mulikane, Muligyn, Mulliken, Mulligan, Millighame, Muligan, Milikyn, Milliganne, Mullikan, Mullikin, Miligne, Millagen, Milligane, Millikan, Millagan, Milligin.
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