Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
Lany, Lennie, Leny
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Descendants of Maoldonich mac Colmin mhic Mhaolain (a.k.a. Gilledonich mac Malcolm MacMillan), who was laird of Leny in Perthshire and of Lennie in Midlothian in the late 12th century. The family’s history is given in a 16th century family tree which constitutes the second oldest genealogy of the M’millans, and which also shows the connected origins of the Calmans, M’Callums, (Mac)Malcolms, and of the M’Ildonichs/M’Maoldonichs (see here). The family of de Lany – as the name usually appears in the middle ages – were important churchmen and royal servants; its most famous member being Domino Roberto Lany who was the Queen’s chamberlain, the king’s chaplain, and ambassador to England in the late 14th and the early 15th century. The courtier-churchman had no children and the marriage in about 1392 of his sister Janet (she may have been his neice – the old tree is not clear at this point) took the family’s main estates into the hands of the Buchanans, who also therefore claim Lennies as their sept. The name Leny is usually assumed to come from the Gaelic placename Leanaidh (meaning a wet or marshy meadow) but given the importance of the sword as a symbol in both the de Lany and MacMillan histories, may in fact derive from Lainidh, "the blade of a sword".
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