Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
Caniche, Cannan, Connon, M'Can, M'Cannie, M'Channanich, M'Kane, M'Kenn
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This name, which derives from Cainn/Cane mac Dougall mhic Malcolm was sept- napped with MacMillan and many other related names in the 18th century by Buchanan of Auchmar. It is particularly associated with two areas: Glendaruel on the Cowal peninsular and Galloway. John Makane was laird of Kilmun in Glendaruel in 1434. Ardachearanbeg of Glendaruel (OS Landranger Sheet 55, 002859) was owned in the 1750s by his presumed descendant Duncan M'Channanich of Achatachyranbeg, who also appears as Duncan MacHannanich of Auchtekerrenbeg. It was apparently as late as 1848 when Clann a' Chainich dropped their original surname, which is also recorded as Caniche, and the then laird became Duncan Buchanan of Achdachiranbeg [Archibald Brown, "History of Cowal", 36, 84, 93; Adam, "Clans, Septs...etc. (1970), 575, Appendix V]. In Galloway the equivalent of this name first appears as Acannane (i.e. ap Cannain for mac Channain - as with ap Maolagain for mac Maolagain/Mhaolain) and from the 16th century onwards the Cannans/Cannons were lairds of Killochie in the Glenkens [D.V. Cannon & R. C. Reid, The Cannan Family in Galloway in TDGNHAS, 3rd Series, Vol. XXXL (1952-3), 78-120].
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