Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
Brown, Broun, MacGhilleDuinn, M'Ilduin
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"Brown", or as it used often to be spelt in Scotland, "Broun", is one of the most common names in the country, and is usually derived from a descriptive nickname relating to the family progenitor's personal colouring (most likely hair, complexion, or eyes).
MacMillan was a great man in Carradale Glen. He had three sons who were very strong like himself. At that time, the Atholmen used to come to Kintyre for the purpose of plunder and to drive away the cattle of the glen. Once, they made a raid an MacMillan's cattle, when he was from home; but when he returned and saw that his cattle were away, he armed himself and his three sons, and pursued the plunderers. A fierce combat ensued in which MacMillan was victorious and drove back his cattle; but his younger son, instead of returning home, continued his pursuit of the enemy. His father was afraid that he was killed; but, in a few days, he came back, carrying a great load of the Atholmen's heads. Seeing this, his father cried out, Mo laochan, mo ghille donn! 'S tu fhein an sonn a chuireadh riu! ("My little hero, my brown-haired lad! You're the champion yourself, to master them!"). The descendants of this man were called Brown; and that was the origin of the name in Carradale.
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