Clan MacMillan, New Mexico
Baxter, MíBaxter, MíVaxter
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There was another of the Family of Knap, called Archibald Baan M'Millan, who having killed a certain Man of Repute, was so closely pursued upon committing the Slaughter, that coming by the Earl of Argyle's Residence, he was forced in to the Earl's Kitchen for Refuge, where the Cook, being at the same Time baking, hastily caused Macmillan to exchange Cloaths with him, and fall to bake, which prevented his being apprehended, or discovered by the Pursuers; after which this Macmillan, and his Progeny, assumed the Surname of M'Bhaxters, yet retained by them. Those of this Name reside mostly in Cowal in Argyleshire; the principal Man of them being Nivein M'Bhaxter in Glendarowal. They term themselves in English, Baxters. William Buchanan of Auchmar, "An Account of the MacMillans", 1723.
The name Baxter is a common one in Scotland as there were bakers in most communities in the old days, and the first of that name on the record who may have been a member of the MacMillan sept is one Donald McBaxter, who witnessed a Craignish sasine in 1493 (Craignish being an estate to the north of Knapdale that MacMillans had been associated with since the days before the Campbells succeeded to it in the 13th/14th centuries).
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